Lamar University students study on an attractive 270-acre campus, just an hour and a half from Houston, filled with new facilities designed to make campus living comfortable and fun. From the campus in Beaumont, students have easy access to numerous entertainment and recreation options throughout Southeast Texas.

Students in dining hall

Student Housing

More than 2,500 students live on campus in Cardinal village with modern, apartment-style rooms. Each furnished room features:

  • two private bedrooms
  • a shared bathroom
  • living area
  • mini-refrigerator
  • microwave.

Cardinal Village residents also have access to:

  • swimming pool
  • basketball and volleyball courts
  • community centers
  • meeting rooms
  • on-site laundry facilities

Dining Facilities

LU’s gourmet dining hall offers food-court-style service to provide you with an assortment of delicious meal optionsdaily.  Mirabeaus and the Cardinal Nest in the Setzer Student Center serve fast food favorites, including Starbucks coffee.

Locations inside Cardinal Village and the Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center provide convenient dining options near two of the hubs of campus life. Off-campus options near LU include Subway, Sonic and locally owned Kampus Korner.

For more about on-campus dining, visit the Dine on Campus website.

Recreational Sports

You can have fun and stay fit at the Sheila Unphrey Recreational Sports Center. This facitly includes:

  • 43- foot Rock Climbing Wall
  • Indoor Walking Track
  • The latest Workout Equipment
  • Basketball, Racquetball, and Volleyball Courts
  • Game Room and Lounge
  • Group Fitness Classes and much more!

It is an Exclusive Gym for Lamar University Students with an automatic membership!!

Off-campus Activities

LU is a short drive from many outdoor adventures:

  • a day at the beach
  • canoeing
  • fishing on area rivers and lakes
  • or hiking in the Big Thicket National Preserve

Nearby shopping and entertainment options abound with theaters, museums and live music venues. The region is also home to several golf courses. Not far from Houston, there’s something for everyone around Lamar University’s campus.